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Ambassador Pat’s wine adventure day 22-24

14 January
wine adventure day 22

Day 22 Quinta de Lemos Alfrocheiro With all this Lemos you are spoiling me! Another dark, good bodied wine with aromas and flavours of blackberries and other dark fruit and spice notes. Hand-picked grapes again matured in French oak for 18 months this has a lovely mouthfeel, balanced tannins, and a long lingering finish. Drink […]

Ambassador Pat’s wine adventure day 15-17

21 December
wine adventure day 15

Day 15 Kasta White A really popular and very approachable white wine from the Douro. A wine blended from classic white grapes from that region, Viosinho, Rabigato and Gouveio. A lovely mouthfeel with tropical fruit and peach notes and a pleasant finish. Nicely balanced. This is my midweek drop and I buy a bottle or […]

Ambassador Pat’s wine ADVENTure Day 2

02 December
Wine adventure day 2

Quinta das Condessas An entry level wine from the Douro. It’s what you expect from reds from that region, being blended from those grapes that you get in a port. Really full bodied with strong dark fruit notes. Nice and punchy (warning; this is 15% volume). Smells and tastes great for a wine of this […]